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Client Reviews

I've elected to have four dental implants. In each case, as I care for dogs & cats, I emphasized my need to be pain free. I was, and only ran into a problem when worried about post-extraction and implant preparation pain when I took one Tylenol-Codeine. Codeine makes me incredibly nervous and has caused a post surgery problem for me years ago. In all four instances of surgery, healing was as expected. When I ran into a snag once with medication at my pharmacist, Dr. R. Smith was contacted after hours and the problem was soon resolved.

Doug R.

Great staff and super friendly. I had surgery to remove all wisdom teeth and I was out within the hour. So i highly recommend this location.

Marco G

Dr Smith extracted 4 wisdom teeth from my son on 2-2-18. He was knowledgeable and did an excellent job explaining the process and what to expect. The procedure was quick and Dr. Smith performed the surgery flawlessly.

The staff was excellent and super friendly.

Lori B.

The staff is AWESOME at both locations they don't keep you waiting an unreasonable amount of time. Dr.Peck he didn't rush me off and explained everything that was going on with me in detail. I loved everything about my visit and I despise going to the dentist yet they made my experience very pleasant !

Crystal S.

I went to have a molar extracted by Dr. Peck. I truly did not know when he pulled the tooth. He saw another problem from a previous extraction that he did not do but has followed up on this two different times to make sure everything was healing as it was supposed to. I couldn't ask for any better or more professional staff. I would recommend this group to anyone.

Beverly M.

Very first visit at this office and I must say, Dr. Peck was great!! The fact that he spent 30-45 mins before the procedure explaining EVERYTHING to me, pros and cons, made me feel like he had my best interest at heart. You don't always get that from doctors. Procedure (wisdom tooth extraction) went well. I did have a few concerns a few days later but called and got everything figured out. I do recommend this office. Haven't received a bill yet; so, can't speak on that part!!

Debbi B.

Dr. Peck pulled my wisdom teeth today and even in my current state of pain, I wanted to write this review. Doctors can often seem rushed or hurried. Dr.Peck seemed to really listen and made me feel very comfortable; and let me tell you, I was extremely nervous about my procedure. He explained everything very well and gave me full sense of understanding of what I was have done. The other staff members were very kind as well. Overall, I had a very good experience.

Mary B.

Drs. Albright, Smith and Peck are incredible oral surgeons who work quickly and thoroughly. The staff are very kind and patient and filed appeals for me several times without even asking after my insurance didn't cover as much of the claim as it initially stated. They provided me a discount for the hassle until everything is figured out with the insurance. I highly recommend them.

Stephanie M.

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