Find Relief From Your Painful or Unsightly Teeth

Ask us about our safe and effective tooth removal operations

Dentists do all that they can to keep teeth healthy, but sometimes removing one tooth is the only option to keep the rest of them safe. If you believe you might need one or more teeth removed, contact Smith & Tutor to schedule a consultation where we can discuss your options.

We have decades of experience removing teeth with as little post-operation discomfort as possible. Ask us if your dental insurance is accepted at our Memphis, TN or Southaven, MS offices. Call (901)-685-8090 today to learn more about our teeth removal procedures.

When should you consider removing a tooth?

There are several common situations where tooth removal is in your best interest. We remove teeth if:

  • Irreparable decay has left us without other options
  • Periodontal disease is spreading from an infection
  • Another tooth is blocked from coming out
  • Overcrowding is causing pain and misalignment
  • An accident has caused significant damage

A dental implant can fill in the missing space and blend perfectly with your other teeth. Contact us today to speak with a local professional about teeth removal procedures.