Prevent Future Pain and Overcrowding

Set up an appointment today for wisdom teeth removal

Over half of all Americans will eventually need one or more wisdom teeth removed. Are you unsure if wisdom teeth removal is right for you? The professionals at Smith & Tutor can assess your teeth to determine if overcrowding or other issues are likely to occur.

With modern advances in technique and procedure, wisdom tooth removal is relatively simple and commonplace. Our team has decades of experience removing wisdom teeth. Call (901)-685-8090 today to let a local dental surgeon examine your wisdom teeth.

Why should you consider wisdom tooth removal?

While removing wisdom teeth isn't always necessary, many patients will experience benefits like:

  • Decreased chances of infection and discomfort
  • Prevention of cyst formation inside impacted teeth
  • Increased room for teeth to grow straight

The older you get, the stronger your jaw bone becomes. This can make wisdom tooth removal more difficult as an adult. Speak with us today to learn more about how your wisdom teeth will affect your dental health.