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Services offered at Smith & Tutor in Memphis, TN & Southaven, MS

Oral discomfort can take the excitement out of many different activities, such as going to dinner or giving a presentation. Fortunately, Smith & Tutor offers professional solutions that help restore the enjoyment to your daily activities. Our Oral Surgery Services include:

  • Tooth Removal - Are you considering getting an extra tooth removed? Smith & Tutor is here to help. We are experts when it comes to safely removing problem-causing teeth. We'd be happy to schedule a consultation to get your problem tooth removed.
  • Dental Implants - Have you recently lost a tooth in an accident? Were you born without a tooth? Don't settle for a smile you're not proud of. If you think you could benefit from an implant, turn to the experts at Smith & Tutor. We will explore different options with you to find the right fit for you and your smile.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal - While wisdom teeth are common, they don't always make a comfortable appearance. For some, wisdom teeth can cause great discomfort when they are growing in; they can trap bacteria and are difficult to clean. That's why, in some cases, oral surgeons will suggest that you have them removed. Schedule an appointment to have our team take a look at yours.

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